FACE IT – Rejuvenation Solutions




“I am very glad to join Face it and to work with such an exceptional team. Event improvement we deliver to our clients brings me a strong sense of satisfaction. Being able to personally witness the transformation and share the clients’ joy is the best time for me.” Sales manager


“As an old saying goes, doctors should have a parental heart. It is my job to care for every client and satisfy their needs. I am grateful that my team shares the same interests, working philosophy and attitude towards service with me. I hope our clients benefit from and greatly enjoy our service.”

Assistant Marketing Manager


“Face It is a caring family that believes that to give is more blessed than to receive. Every employee shares the philosophy of harmony and cooperation, contributing their efforts to the company.”

Senior Therapist & Instructor


“We are deeply impressed by the doctors’ people-oriented philosophy and their respect to clients, which makes us realize the importance of virtue and professional ethics. The reason I cherish the opportunity here is that employees at Face it talk to clients with much sincerity. Different from working at other cosmetics companies, we do not have to hard sell the treatments and products.”

Asst. Shop Supervisor


“Doctors are very serious about their jobs and are also rigorous about the service qualities we provide. For instance, they require us to provide clear and easy-to-understand presentations and instructions. We must immediately dispose expired items, ensuring the safety of our clients.”

Shop Supervisor


“We have built close relationships with our clients and trust each other as friends do. Sometimes we even tell each other what’s in our hearts. At the company, you will see many regular clients. They are also happy to introduce Face it and its services to their family and friends.” Senior therapist and instructor

Sales Manager


“Doctors at the company see medical cosmetology as a form of art creation that is worth studying, instead of as a pure business. They often attend seminars and art activities, discussing the definition, standard and future of aesthetics. And they would share the feedback with us, so that we could learn and benefit from it as well.”

General Manager

Sarah Luk

“I am very glad to be working with a team that is truly passionate and enthusiastic about medical cosmetics. Their persistence about beauty, meticulous attention to detail with services and care for customers has won clients’ trust and respect. It is our greatest pleasure to see clients’ beauty transformation. I expect the Face it team to thrive and be better and stronger.”

Ada Suen

“When my friend heard about my interest in medical cosmetics, she immediately introduced me to Face it. With many concerns and questions in mind, my first consultation session lasted for three hours! The doctors and consultants were nice and patient in answering every question I had. When they heard about my husband's resistance towards medical cosmetics, they persuaded me to seek agreement with him first, which was very unexpected. They told me that a harmonious relationship with my spouse was more important than the pursuit of a more beautiful look. I found that really touching.”

Betty Ip

“I have had unpleasant experience with other cosmetics centres before, so I first came to Face it with many doubts. After a series of consultations and treatments, I do appreciate the company's service. The consultants are different from those in other companies. Instead of hard selling me aggressively, they patiently explained every kind of treatment and product, and followed up regularly with phone calls. I am still in touch with them and we could chat as friends.”

Maggie Chan

“The environment at Face it is very comfortable and clean. The attitude of its staff and doctors is pretty nice as well. When I first entered the shop, the service I received was attentive. The staff greeted me and offered me hot drinks based on my preference. I was accompanied during the whole treatment and they held my hand to help me relax. All these details made Face It a very warm experience for me.”

Jenny Lok

“The doctors and the team are very friendly and professional. They have spent a lot of time analyzing my case and provided me with comprehensive solutions. They are also very honest about the risks there might be. I am both reassured and satisfied.”