FACE IT – Rejuvenation Solutions


About us

Since ancient times, people have endlessly pursued beauty; artists have explored its definition while scientists have sought its secret. Yet beauty remains mysterious, not a simple elegant curve, nor a precise golden sphere. It may only be tangible and enduring in the work of master artists that has been handed down through history.

Face It shares the same passion for the pursuit of beauty and our mission is to achieve it, however elusive. With an eye for aesthetics and a gift for capturing beauty, we also have the critical thinking and analytical skills of scientists. With a deep understanding of its versatility, we are adept at defining and retaining the essence of beauty. Since it was established, Face it has been helping clients who share our enthusiasm for aesthetics to build a beautiful life.

With “professionalism, integrity and service” as our core values, Face It helps clients reveal their true elegance through professional medical cosmetics services. With our assistance, clients’ can be transformed to achieve an enduring beauty that integrates their inner and outer aesthetic qualities.


Led by Doctors, Focus on Techniques

The philosophy of Face it is guided by the academic experience of our doctors, not by marketing and sales led strategies. We concentrate on treatment results and service qualities. In every shop, we have in-house doctors with rich experience of medical cosmetology. They are able to provide professional consulting services, analyze medical issues and answer questions based on clients’ needs.

In addition to doctors, Face it has an exceptional consulting and supporting team. The selection of every team member is based upon very strict criteria since professionalism and working attitude is our key consideration. To make sure our clients receive the best service, we have regular training and evaluations of staff skills, and we keep them updated regarding the latest trends in cosmetology.

As a professional medical cosmetics provider, Face it also offers tailor-made services. We see medical cosmetology as an art and understand the sophistication of aesthetics. With years of experience, we take different approaches to interpret beauty according to clients’ facial contours. This is believed to be the best way to meet clients’ needs and to achieve the best results.


Be True, Be Credible

To Face It, integrity is not only the basis for teamwork, but also the key for efficient communication between our team and the clients.

The rapport that our employees have built from mutual trust ensures seamless cooperation at work. In addition, we provide comprehensive consulting services that help clients understand the treatment effects, procedures and risks of medical cosmetics. The sincere attitude of our service has won us a large number of loyal clients. Since the start of our business, they have encouraged and supported the company, introducing their family and friends to the beauty transformations that can be acheived by Face It’s brand of medical cosmetics.


Customer First, Doing Our Best

Face It insists on providing quality services that render exceptional levels of client satisfaction. After carefully listening to the needs and wishes of our clients, our team dedicates itself to providing quality care and high standard services.

The Face It facilities are both well equipped with professional amenities. Besides regularly introducing state-of-the-art instruments and treatments, all the products we use are genuine and of exceptional quality. We maintain and update the instruments on a regular basis while examining the equipment every day, all to assure clients that our services are of the highest quality.